"On Farm" Ambulatory Services

Providing veterinary services in the field has been the foundation of the Ottawa Valley Large Animal Clinic practice for the past 34 years.

Our ambulatory practitioners provide comprehensive on-farm veterinary care, including primary and preventative health care, equine dental care, lameness examinations, radiography, pre-purchase examinations, reproductive services, and 24-hour emergency service.


Each of our ambulatory units are fully equipped with dentistry tools, surgical kits, and an x-ray machine. Our field practitioners have access to digital x-ray, digital ultrasound, and focussed shockwave unit that can be brought out on the road if conditions permit.

Emergency Services

Our veterinarians provide 24-hour emergency large animal veterinary services, 7 days a week. During clinic hours, please phone the clinic at 613-258-5773. After hours emergency calls can be made to 613-239-4867. A page will then be sent out to the veterinarian on call who will return your call promptly. If your call has not been returned within 15 minutes, please phone again. Our veterinarians can tend to emergencies on the farm or at the clinic, depending on the nature of the emergency. There is an emergency fee for emergency calls.

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