Equine Dentistry

Equine dentistry is an important component of any herd health program. Regular dental evaluation and equilibration can improve the comfort, longevity, and performance of your horse. Horses should be evaluated on an annual or bi-annual basis for any dental issues.

As we head into winter, it’s time to think about what we can do to help prevent colic, maintain body weight and improve performance in our horses.  Annual oral exams and floating are recommended in young, old and performance horses.

Questions you can ask yourself:

Watch Your Horse Work, Is He:

  • resistant and tense in his neck and body?
  • behind or above the vertical (the bit)?
  • unwilling to bend to the left or right?
  • heavy on left or right rein or pulls the reins through your hands?
  • does he flip or play with the bit?
  • tossing his head?

Watch Your Horse Eat:

  • Is he slow?
  • Does he wet his hay before he eats it, do you find his hay in his water bucket?
  • Does he take a mouthful of hay before going to his grain?
  • Does he refuse to eat hard food?

Horse teeth
As you can see a lot goes on and CAN go wrong inside your horse’s mouth.

Veterinarians are fully trained to assess all dental issues.

January and February 2018 Dental Services are reduced by 20%!!!

(call fee and tranquilization not included)


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