Routine Preventative Medicine Programs

Equine Health Maintenance Program 2016

January / February

WEWT or Flu EWT (if not vaccinating for West Nile)
Flu/Rhino EWT (available on request)
Dental exam and float

Fecal exam and paste deworm as needed

April / May

Potomac Horse Fever
(also available Potomac Horse Fever/Rabies combo)
EIA (coggins)

Fecal exam and paste deworm as needed

June / July

Flu/Rhino (competitive & highly travelled horse)
Strangles if deemed necessary

Fecal exam and paste deworm if needed

October / November

Rhino pneumonitis

Paste deworm for bots and tapeworm (after hard frost)

Please discuss herd health vaccines and deworming with us - we will create a plan that is best suited for your horse(s)

Broodmare Health Maintenance Program 2016


West Nile Virus
Fecal test PRIOR to deworming with a tapeworm product
Dental exam / Floating

3 Months Bred - Rhinopneumonitis vaccination
5 Months Bred - Rhinopneumonitis booster and paste deworm
7 Months Bred - Rhinopneumonitis booster Fecal sample PRIOR to an ivermectin based product
9 Months Bred - Rhinopneumonitis booster
10 Months Bred - Flu EWT, Paste deworm

Deworm mares 1 month after foaling or before they go out to pasture.

Foal / Weanling Maintenance Program 2012

Deworm foals with StrongidT once per month until 6-8 months of age.

Foals from Non Vaccinated Mares:
2 Months - West Nile Virus, Tetanus + Eastern & Western Encephalitis
3 Months - West Nile Virus, Tetanus + Easter & Western Encephalitis
4 Months - West Nile Virus, Rabies

Foals From Vaccinated Mares:
6 Months - Flu EWT and Rabies
7 Months - Flu EWT Booster, Potomac Horse Fever Vaccine Primary
8 Months - Potomac Horse Fever Booster
Late Winter - West Nile Primary with Booster 1 month later

After hard frost submit fecal PRIOR to using an ivermectin based product.