Facilities & Services

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The Ottawa Valley Large Animal Clinic is located on 47 acres of land just outside of Kemptville, ON.


The facility boasts seven treatment stalls, stocks, work-up/treatment stall, and outdoor lameness work-up area. We also have a surgical suite with modern inhalant anesthetic using isoflurane, monitoring equipment and padded recovery room. There are large, grassy paddocks for turnout during a horse’s stay and hand grazing provided if turnout is not possible. Our animal care team strives to maintain a professional standard of care and cleanliness with all of our patients and facilities. The barn is equipped to deal with horses of all sizes. We are able to offer intravenous fluid therapy for colic or illness and foal care for sick babies.

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Ottawa Valley Large Animal Clinic Offers A Wide Range of Services

• Daily In Clinic Appointments
• On Farm Calls
• Emergency Service 24 Hours, 7 Days/Week
• Routine Preventative Medicine Programs


Patient Hospitalization: Surgical - Medical
Anesthesia: both general and local
Clinical Pathology
Laboratory Services

Diagnostic Imaging

Respiratory, Gastro Intestinal
Reproductive, Thoracic,
Abdominal, Cardiac
Tendon, Ligament
Soft Tissue

Equine Dentistry




Complete Lameness Examination
and Treatment

Prepurchase Examinations

Treatment Therapies

Laser Therapy
Electromagnetic Therapy
Hydro Therapy
Shock Wave Therapy
Massage Therapy

Reproductive & Foaling Services
Uterine Swabs, Biopsies
Fresh & Frozen Semen,
Artificial Insemination, Semen Evaluation
Pregnancy Diagnosis
Stallion Management