Shockwave therapyis the newest addition to OVLAC’s treatment options. This non-invasive technology allows a high-energy sound wave to penetrate through the horse’s soft tissues to a specific area, stimulating the body’s regeneration process. A variety of different probes target different depths within tissues, allowing the treatment to be targeted to the appropriate region. Our machine, the VersaTron Focal Shockwave Machine is the most widely used machine in North America.

Treatments may be performed on farm or in-clinic and can be incorporated into a rehabilitation schedule. Treatments are made following a veterinarian’s diagnosis. Each treatment lasts approximately 10-15 minutes, depending the injury. Some horses may require sedation for the treatment session.

We are using shockwave therapy on the following types of injuries:

• Tendon and ligament injuries (acute and chronic)
• Back and neck injuries/soreness (acute and chronic)
• Sacro-iliac injuries and soreness
• Suspensory desmitis
• Navicular syndrome/caudal heel pain
• Sore feet

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